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Hacking Exposed Web 2.0

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1 Hacking Exposed Web 2.0 em Ter Mar 23, 2010 9:45 pm

dr olk

Protect your Web 2.0 architecture against the latest wave of cybercrime using expert tactics from Internet security professionals. Hacking Exposed Web 2.0 shows how hackers perform reconnaissance, choose their entry point, and attack Web 2.0-based services, and reveals detailed countermeasures and defense techniques. You'll learn how to avoid injection and buffer overflow attacks, fix browser and plug-in flaws, and secure AJAX, Flash, and XML-driven applications. Real-world case studies illustrate social networking site weaknesses, cross-site attack methods, migration vulnerabilities, and IE7 shortcomings.

* Plug security holes in Web 2.0 implementations the proven Hacking Exposed way
* Learn how hackers target and abuse vulnerable Web 2.0 applications, browsers, plug-ins, online databases, user inputs, and HTML forms
* Prevent Web 2.0-based SQL, XPath, XQuery, LDAP, and command injection attacks
* Circumvent XXE, directory traversal, and buffer overflow exploits
* Learn XSS and Cross-Site Request Forgery methods attackers use to bypass browser security controls
* Fix vulnerabilities in Outlook Express and Acrobat Reader add-ons
* Use input validators and XML classes to reinforce ASP and .NET security
* Eliminate unintentional exposures in ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas), Direct Web Remoting, Sajax, and GWT Web applications
* Mitigate ActiveX security exposures using SiteLock, code signing, and secure controls
Find and fix Adobe Flash vulnerabilities and DNS rebinding attacks

About the Author

Rich Cannings is a senior information security engineer at Google.

Himanshu Dwivedi is a founding partner of iSEC Partners, an information security organization, and the author of several security books.

Zane Lackey is a senior security consultant with iSEC Partners

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